Colette and I agree…we’re glad it’s Friday and Zakk will be home for the next two days. We’ve missed him.

Now let’s have a beer, shall we?


  1. Uncle Andy says:

    Dear Colette,

    May I offer a small suggestion?

    I’m sure your father would appreciate your namesake beer being served in his own personal…wait for it… “Rocket Beer Dispenser”!

    Your mom can find the Rocket Beer Dispenser at

    Yep, I’m sure this welcome home gift will always make you and your mom the prettiest girls on the block…be advised it’s gluten free and Nerd Approved, allowing it to even be sold in Portland.

    All the best to my little grimmster and her lucky mom and dad.

  2. Dani says:

    I love that there is a beer named Colette!

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