Hip Hip Hooray!

Dear Family, Friends, and Strangers who are fans of mine,

I had to have an ultrasound of my hips today. It's standard stuff because I was a breech baby. But don't worry, the doctor said I have "textbook perfect hips"! Mama and Daddy were both very relieved, which made me happy so I gave everyone in the ultrasound room a big grin. They all loved that. Also, there was a beaver hanging in front of the reception desk. I made Mama take a picture of it with me and Daddy underneath so we could send it to you. Hope you had a great day, too!



Me and Daddy hanging out with the beaver.


This is when Daddy got weird.


  1. Rylie says:

    Awesome I agree she is perfect!

  2. Mom says:

    Okay the previous “perfect” comment was from “Grammie”, not Rylie though I am sure she would agree!

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