You grow girl!

Colette had her 2-month appointment yesterday. She took her immunizations like a champ and barely cried at all! Thank goodness for that because I was seriously anxious about it and likely to start crying myself if she didn’t calm down so quickly. But she did great!

And now for the numbers:

Weight 12lb.
75th percentile
a 4 lb. 3.5 oz. gain from her 2-week appointment

Length 22.5″
50th percentile
a 1.5″ gain

Head Circumference 38.5cm
between 50th-75th percentile
a 3 cm. gain



  1. dennis says:


  2. Mom says:

    So thankful Colette was a champ! I remember crying when you cried after your first immunization! So thankful she is growing so strong and happy. Colette is so lucky to have such great parents! Colette is growing each day, I can see it in the photos, thanks for helping all of us be a part of her day to day even from a distance! Love & Hugs

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