Bath Time!

Colette really seems to like being in water, which is a good thing because so do I and I can’t wait to take her swimming someday.

Bath Time

I was a little concerned she might not enjoy it because Zakk doesn’t really like hanging out in water. In fact, he used to refuse to go into the water when we went to the beach in Florida. Luckily for me and Colette, he seems to be getting over his distaste for swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. Well, maybe not swimming as much as hanging out. Regardless, her enjoyment of bath time and his recent willingness to get into the water at the beach really make me look forward to our next trip to Florida!


  1. Uncle Andy says:

    Take this from an old salt…Zakk is rightfully concerned about getting into the Gulf/Ocean because he knows what fish do there.

    That’s why you’re all invited to use the pool when you visit, thereby avoiding his concerns.

    However, for the sake of family cohesion, Zakk is clearly obligated to join you and Rocket in the suspect waters. Recommend he continue drinking micro-brew beers like “Colette” to assist in assuaging this familial responsibility.

  2. Mom says:

    Love the well placed washcloth! I too cannot wait to get her on the beach with all her extended family. She continues to grow and change, I miss her sooooooo much, Oh and you and Zakk too!

  3. Mom says:

    Is that a fist pump she is doing? “Oh yeah, bathtime, Woo Hoo!

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