Beach Baby

On Wednesday, Colette and I joined some friends on the Columbia river. We hit 95 degrees here in Portland, which was a record high for the day, but it was comfortable and breezy on the river.

Before we left, Colette modeled both of her swimsuits, which her Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jenn gave her.

Pink Bathing Suit Octosuit

We decided that she should wear the pink one since it fits her perfectly right now and the octosuit seems like it might still be wearable in a few more months.

She really seemed to enjoy laying under the shady trees and watching the light dance through the leaves.


She even napped for a bit, although she did need her pacifier and to be swaddled before she was willing to fall asleep.

Mama is about to dip Colette's toes in the river

What she didn’t like was the water. I never intended to take her swimming, but I was curious how she would react to having her toes dipped in the water.

Oh my! She did not like that!

Well, let me tell you…she made it abundantly clear that she did not like it! Although the water felt perfectly comfortable to me, Colette’s tiny toes found it shockingly cold.¬†She screamed and cried with a fierceness that is usually reserved for things like getting shots or…well, that’s about the only time I’ve heard her cry like that. Luckily, as with the shots, the crying didn’t last long. She calmed down rather quickly once she realized I wasn’t going to subject her to anymore torture. Maybe we’ll try again next summer.


  1. Mom says:

    Collette just need her Gammie, Papaw, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins and so on to show her how to have fun at the Gulf!!!! I totally know she will love it, maybe even if it is just the sand like Iris! So glad you were able to take the day and enjoy! i mostly love seeing you holding her so lovingly in the water! Colette is too young to remember the trauma of the cold toes!!!! Miss you all!

  2. Dani says:

    I absolutely love babies with roll-y poll-y thighs – hers are adorable! And the two of you in the river is so sweet! XO

  3. dennis says:

    So cute the 2 of u together!!!!

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