Colette’s First Taste of Food

We gave Colette some baby oatmeal mixed with breastmilk tonight as her first taste of “regular” food. She didn’t love it, but we had fun. Here are some videos so you can feel like you were there.

Part 1

Part 2

In case you are unable to watch the videos, here are a couple of pictures.
Colette's First Taste of Food, 1
Colette's First Taste of Food, 2


  1. Mom says:

    Grammie would love to eat oatmeal with Colette! I prefer mine with apples, nuts, and dried cranberries though. Looks like she knows what to do but does not love the texture. How cute, thanks for sharing. Looks like she was loving the time with Mommy and Daddy more than the oatmeal and she was just being a trooper eating to keep you both there. She is growing so fast! Maybe next year some mashed potatoes and gravy, Yum!

  2. Papaw says:

    Perhaps Miss Colette would like CoCo Wheats with the infamous meat balls rather than plain old ucky oatmeal, certainly her Mom, Aunt & Uncles did!

    Love You Baby Girl!

  3. Uncle Andy says:

    Always found mashed carrots and applesauce were favorites, or at least they were in our family. Not sure if Matt enjoyed spreading them across his high chair more than eating them, but that’s simply part the fun of eating solid food.

    At age 59, I still eat applesauce on occasion, but typically prefer it without the breast milk…causes too much gas. Good luck with the solid food transition. GO ROCKET!

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