Back in Time, part 1

Since it has been awhile since I posted, I thought you might enjoy seeing what we’ve been up to over the past several months. First, we’re going to head back to March to get a glimpse of spring in Portland (and Florida!).

And here’s a little video of Colette drumming.


Finally, let’s go back to March of last year to see how much little Rocket has changed since then.


  1. Uncle Andy says:

    OMG, we’re going to absolutely O.D. on a major dose of Rocket!

    More later after we’ve digested every tidbit. Gotta get me one of them Summery Fedora’s.

  2. Mom says:

    Personally, I think she has a real future in the drum section. She obviously knows what o do particularly when Daddy tries to show her. She grabs the stick and shows him. She obviously has a mind of her own. Hmmmm wonder where that comes from????

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