Colette couldn’t wait to go outside and check it out this morning when we woke up, so we bundled over our jammies and went out! 27 degrees doesn’t feel so cold when your kiddo is enthralled with this stuff called snow!

We went out again later after we woke Daddy up and we all had fun running around and making snowballs.  

Snow is rare enough in Portland that it is a total treat when we get it. Especially when we have nowhere to go and can just enjoy playing and then cozy up at home!


  1. Rachel Bolton-Young says:

    Gorgeous!!! Special memories xxx

  2. Mom says:

    Love to see you and Zakk enjoying Colette so much! You all are such a beautiful family and it is so good to see you just enjoying a snowy day!!!! Colette’s smiles are like a ray of sunshine, they are so infectious! We miss you so much! Love to all, and who would have thought Portland who have snow before Ohio Winter of 2016!!!!!
    Lots of Love!!!

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