Colette at Work and Play

Mama: What kind of work did you do today, Colette?
Colette: I can’t remember.
Mama: Really? Tell me just one thing you enjoyed today.
Colette: I didn’t do anything.
Mama: Did you do bead stringing? (she always says she did bead stringing)
Colette: Oh, yeah. I did bead stringing alllll day long. Nothing else.
Mama: Are you sure you didn’t do any art work today? Or wash a table? Or learn letters? Or work with the pink tower? Or go for a rope walk?
Colette: Nope. Just bead stringing.
Mama: Did you work with anyone else or by yourself?
Colette: Just by myself. No, no – actually with Lazadae! (grinning smile and sly eyes)
Mama: Oh, with Lazadae huh? (she is completely enamored with Lazadae, as she is the oldest kid there, but I don’t know that they actually do much work together)
Colette: Yep! I love Lazadae.
Mama: What did you have for lunch?
Colette: I didn’t eat lunch. There wasn’t any today.
Mama: That’s weird.
Colette: Huh. That’s weird.
Mama: Are you sure you didn’t have pasta for lunch today, because I see some sauce on your face.
Colette: How’d that get there? That’s really weird!

Luckily, her school provides pictures and feedback about what the kids do at school or I would never know she gets up to!


  1. Grammie says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of Colette and her school days. Too bad I didn’t have pictures of your school days. I remember asking you some of those same questions and you said, I just lived it I don’t want to talk about it…. She is a very smart child to play along with you!!!!! Good luck keeping up with her…..

  2. Barbara Alexander says:

    Thanks for sharing and what a wonderful short film of a wonderful life! Miss you, lunch soon??? Barb

    PS: I am 65

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