Rocket’s 5th Trip Around the Sun

To celebrate birthdays at Colette’s school, they read the story of a child’s birth and a bit about the child from each year of life. It is a lovely tradition and all the children look forward to their turn to be in the spotlight. Today it is Colette’s turn. Here is her story.

Child’s full name:
Colette Rocket Kuzda

Day and date of birth:
Friday, June 28th, 2013 at 7:45pm

Place of birth:
OHSU Hospital, Portland, OR

Weather/details about the day:
The day started off with beautiful blue skies and sunshine. You could still see the moon in the western sky. It was warm and comfortable, a perfect summer morning. But it was day one of a six-day heatwave here in Portland and we reached a high of 92 degrees throughout the day. It was Portland’s first 90-degree day of the year and the hottest temperature in almost 300 days (since September 7, 2012).

Who was present to greet your child?
Mama and Daddy, of course. Plus surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses!

Any special notes about your child’s arrival:
The day before Colette was born, we found out that she was not in a good position to be born. Instead, she was breech, which means her head was up and her bottom was down, just like you are all sitting right now. This was not great news and meant Colette’s mama and daddy had to talk to several doctors and midwives to come up with a safe plan to bring Colette into the world. The anesthesiologists gave Colette’s mama some medicine so she wouldn’t feel pain and then the doctors tried to help Colette flip around inside her mama so she could safely be born when she was ready. But Colette wouldn’t budge and so the doctors had to help her get out of her mama quickly. She arrived by caesarean section, which is a kind of surgery where a special doctor, called a surgeon, makes a little cut in the mama’s abdomen, takes the baby out, and then sews up the cut so the mama’s body can heal. Colette’s daddy got to hold her first and then Colette’s mama got to see her and she wrapped her tiny little fingers around her mama’s big finger. It was very special for everyone and her mama was so happy she cried.

This story comprises the introduction to the birthday walk. We sing a song while the birthday child walks one complete orbit around the candle (the sun) while holding the painted globe (the earth) representing the passage of the child’s first year. The narrative continues:

Please describe your child after her/his first birthday: what s/he liked to do, liked to eat, whom s/he spent time with, important family events, trips, etc.
Colette was always a good eater and she especially loved yams and asparagus. She had a really hard time sleeping on her own and always wanted Mama or Daddy to be with her. Colette loved to swing at the park and so we went several times a week. She has always loved music, dancing, and singing. She started taking Music Together when she was just 8 months old and was thrilled to be with her mama at music classes or with her Daddy while he played his guitar at home. Between when she was 3 months old and nearly two years old, Colette traveled to New York once, Florida twice, Colorado twice, and Ohio once to visit family and friends. She always seemed to like being on airplanes.

The child walks another orbit.
Please share another brief story about your child after her/his second birthday.

Colette’s Auntie Em, Didus (Grandpa), and Nana (Grandma) moved to Portland when she was almost two and so she was able to spend lots of time playing with them. Nana and Didus took Colette to storytime at the library every single week! It was their special adventure and Colette loved it. Colette was pretty much bald until she was almost 2 years old! Her love of music and dance continued. She and her mama went just about every week to see Red Yarn perform his music and bring out his animal puppet friends. Colette discovered her love of Irish dancing when we visited the Irish Festival in the spring and she still likes to mix in a smiling, bouncy jig every couple of weeks with our regular dance parties. Colette traveled to New York again in the fall and to Florida again in the spring to visit family.

After his/her third birthday…
Colette got really good at riding her strider and was the fastest kid her age in the neighborhood. She wanted to go for walks or bike rides to the park nearly every day. Colette got really into helping Mama and Daddy around the house. Her favorite ways to help were by preparing food in the kitchen and vacuuming the floors throughout the house. Colette started school at New Farm Montessori in September. She loved it right from the start! She still loved music and dancing and went to Music Together classes with Mama every week. Colette went to her first music concert, March Fourth Marching Band, in October and was dancing in the aisles by the end of the concert. Her fascination with all things medical, including doctors, nurses, flu shots, and dentists, began around age 3 and continues to this day. She traveled to Colorado and Florida again this year!

After his/her fourth birthday…
Colette loved to do things for herself. Her favorite foods were chicken noodle soup, mac & cheese, and pancakes (and they still are!). She also loved any kind of fruit and she loved sardine sandwiches. And snacks. And treats. She loved snacks and treats. Especially chocolate. Colette loved to be read to and also liked to tell herself stories based on the pictures she saw in her books. She wanted to make art every day and was especially into watercolor painting and colored pencil drawing. She and her Daddy and Mama had nightly dance parties before bed. Colette began trying to learn how to ride a bike with pedals. She enjoyed hiking and completed the 4T trail with her Daddy at least 5 times!

And now Colette is 5 years old!
Share a story about your child’s new interests or skills:

Colette had her very last Music Together class a couple weeks ago when she graduated from the big kid music class! This past year, she learned to read and write basic music notes and rhythms and she absolutely loved singing and making music with her class. Colette loves books, is beginning to recognize small words, and she is getting really good at identifying the letters that make up words by sounding them out. She enjoys making cards for family and friends and writing special messages inside. Art is still a definite favorite for Colette. The other day, she had an art project idea and then made it happen all on her own. She cut bits of paper to make a rainbow collage and then added watercolor paint to the spaces between the rainbow pieces. She is very proud of this artwork and asked to display it on the wall in our home for her birthday. The most exciting change to happen recently is that Colette learned to ride her bike! The day she figured it out, she probably went on at least 10 bike rides because she was so excited and enjoyed it so much! Colette also loves being in water and is learning to be a good swimmer. She is funny, clever, loving, kind, and quite independent. We love Colette so, so, so much and are very glad she is part of our family.


  1. Barbara Alexander says:

    That is the most beautiful story ever told. 🙂

    1. Kristin says:

      Awww…you’re too kind, Barb. <3

  2. Dani Gillet says:

    Thanks for sharing this lovely recap of her first 5! Happy birthday Colette! And many more! Love, Dani

    1. Kristin says:

      We’re so glad you’re part of our family! ❤️

  3. Erik Gross says:

    Happy birthday Rocket from Devin, Rylie and Uncle Erik… such a great first 5 story with even more excitement and adventures to come.

    1. Kristin says:

      Thanks, Uncle Erik, Devin, and Rylie. ❤️

  4. Grammie says:

    Oh my I am in tears I have loved every minute of the last 5 years! I look forward to seeing her in September! That’s if she can fit me in, lol❤️

    1. Kristin says:

      She’ll fit you in, Grammie. ❤️

  5. Grammie says:

    Love the Cabbage Oatch kid wig!

    1. Kristin says:


  6. Rachel says:

    Nana’s wonderful bundle of joy, who brought the light back in, the rainbow and silver lining that reignited Nana’s life; ‘Colette’. You are and alway’s will be the first Great Grandchild to Grandma & Grandad Bolton here in England, what a joy!! We can’t wait for your trip to England!! Happy 5th Birthday Love Grandam, Rachel, Imogen & Joel Xxx

    1. Kristin says:

      We are so excited for our trip to England and can’t wait to see you all, Rachel, Imogen, and Joel. xoxo❤️

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