Back in Time, part 2

Today, we will see what the Kuzdas were up to in April.

And now a jump back to April 2014, just for comparison.

Back in Time, part 1

Since it has been awhile since I posted, I thought you might enjoy seeing what we’ve been up to over the past several months. First, we’re going to head back to March to get a glimpse of spring in Portland (and Florida!).

And here’s a little video of Colette drumming.


Finally, let’s go back to March of last year to see how much little Rocket has changed since then.


I am very overdue in posting updates on Colette and you, her adoring fans, are becoming quite vocal about your displeasure at the situation. I do apologize and I hope this brief post will appease you for now. I promise to get more up very soon. We have a lot of catching up to do!



Colette loves Red Yarn

We are very fortunate to have a number of talented family performers here in Portland. Colette’s favorite one is called Red Yarn. He performs weekly with his critter friends (puppets) and the youngins love him!

This little video is from a show we went to a couple of weeks ago:

And this one is her dancing to his album at home:

The other day she insisted that I repeat the first track of the album and I think we listened/danced to it at least 20 times!

DJ Rocket

Colette has been really into making experimental music and dance with her Dad’s amazing Japanese keyboard lately. I was able to capture some of the magic yesterday, so here’s your ticket to a very exclusive performance by DJ Rocket.

This is when she was just getting started:

She was definitely warmed up for part 2 of her performance.

Merry Christmas from the Kuzdas

This was as close as Colette would get to Santa without crying. We tried to get one with just her and Santa Claus, but she wouldn’t let go of me. And then we tried to get a photo with me holding her next to Santa, but she wouldn’t stop crying and trying to get further away from him. Finally, and much to Zakk’s dismay since he definitely did not want to be in this photo, she stopped crying when Daddy held her and Mama sat between her and Santa. Zakk thinks I’ve scarred her for life. I say it builds character and she won’t remember this next year anyway. But I may have scarred Zakk for life. Hehehe…

Here’s hoping you all have a very merry Christmas!

Oh, and you should check out last year’s photo for comparison. Same Santa, but my oh my how that little girl has changed!

Super Sunday!

Last Sunday, I took Colette to a children’s art studio to get down and dirty with finger paint and shaving cream. We had so much fun! There were about a dozen kids and it was hilarious to watch them as they explored the squishy, goopy, messiness of it all. Obviously, Colette had no reservations about getting dirty.





That afternoon, we went to a rock concert. For kids. It was actually pretty awesome. The band was Play Date. The company was fantastic. And there was dancing.



All in all, a pretty great day!

Happy Halloween!

It’s a good thing we got Colette into her costume to play around before Halloween because I wouldn’t have gotten any pictures of her otherwise. She didn’t want to put the costume on properly last night, but she let me put it on her head when some kids came to the door and so she looked like she was wearing an alien pelt (imagine a native american wearing an animal pelt with the headpiece still attached as a hat/cape). It was pretty funny! Anyway, here are the pics I took a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know about you guys, but I think she is the most adorable little 3-eyed monster I’ve ever seen!

And these gems are from yesterday:

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