Hanging with the Hawleys

Like I said in my last post, Colette took her first trip just about a month ago to meet her Aunt Colie, Uncle Adam, and her cousins Ben and Alex. She did really well on all the flights and she got to celebrate her Aunt Colie’s birthday, my birthday, and her Cousin Ben’s birthday (a week early) while we were there.

Grammie and Papaw drove all the way from Ohio to see her again and they brought her cousins Devin and Rylie to meet her, too. It was wonderful to see how sweet and interested Devin and Ryle were with Colette. When they weren’t playing and having tons of fun with Ben, that is. I only wish I had captured some of those moments.

Zakk stayed home, but I’m pretty certain Colette missed him. I know I did. Especially because she didn’t nap well during the day or sleep well at night. That was rough. Really rough. But we made it through. I’m not sure I’ll be willing to travel without him again though. We just work better as a family.

All in all, it was a good trip. I loved sharing Colette with everyone (including Nicole’s dear friend Maureen, her sweet boys/Ben’s and Alex’s best friends Cameron and Ryan, and all of her Uncle Adam’s family!) and I feel proud of myself for having met the challenges of traveling solo with my nearly 4-month old baby. And now, here are a few photos from the trip.


  1. Mom says:

    So glad you & Colette made the trip! We sure do miss you both. Devin & Rylie have not stopped talking about the trip, so fun to have all the cousins together for the first time ever! Great photos, thanks Kristin!

  2. Aunt Carol says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip and the pictures. Have a great Thanksgiving.


    Aunt Carol

  3. Dennis Koltz says:

    i loved seeing the pics. they are growing so quickly.

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