The Next Chapter

As of this past Wednesday, I hit the 18 week mark in my pregnancy! And I decided it’s time to get the new blog up and running. Zakk tells me that this new home for our blog (WordPress) is much more user-friendly (i.e. I can do it myself without bugging him the whole way through the creation of each and every post) than our old blog site was. So, we moved. All the old posts are still up on the other blog site, which can be found at in case you (or more likely I) ever want to revisit them.

I’m excited to share this journey into parenthood with the people I care about, especially since many of them don’t live anywhere near me and Zakk and so they can’t experience the changes in us firsthand. I don’t think Zakk has changed much yet. No extra belly on him. No hormonal roller coaster rides. I, on the other hand, have definitely been feeling different than my old self. I’m certainly eating more. (Just ask my friend Jenn about the superstar breakfast I chowed down on a little over a week ago at Pine State Biscuits. I think the staff was staring and whispering about me.) And I’ve got a little gut. (Coincidence? I think not…) And I think Zakk will attest to the fact that my moods have become about as predictable as when Mount St. Helens will erupt next. (Speaking of volcanoes…) But all in all, things are good. I’ve really had a pretty good pregnancy so far (no puking on the bus ride to or from work and I never once fell asleep in the middle of a conversation – both of which I was a little afraid of), so I can only hope my luck holds up as baby and I continue to grow.

On Monday, Zakk and I will get to see our tiny baby up on the big (well, not that big) screen again! We have our anatomy ultrasound, so everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed that our little one has all the appropriate pieces and parts to make a healthy baby. I love ultrasounds. I could seriously just watch our baby squirm around for hours. Last time I had one, I got to see our little sweet pea have the most adorable hiccup that ever was! I have to say though, it is really, really weird to see the baby moving around on the screen and know that baby is inside me, but not be able to feel thing. So strange. But supposedly I will be able to feel movement anytime now, which I’m super excited about! I imagine that excitement will turn into something else when baby is kicking me in the ribs or the bladder.  But until then, I’m excited!

Baby @ 16 weeks

At 16 Weeks, our tiny baby was approximately the size of an avocado.

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