Happy Birthday, Zakk!

Today is Zakk’s 32nd birthday. And I think we’re both very glad our daughter is not trying to steal his thunder by making her debut appearance today. Here in Portland, it is appropriately cloudy and there was even a little bit of rain this morning. Just the way he likes it.

Happy Birthday, Zakk!

In typical Zakk fashion, he refused to smile for this photo I insisted on taking before he rode off to work this morning. I think he’s quite handsome, even if he is scowling at me.

I feel so very lucky to have you as my husband, my best friend, and my partner in this journey into parenthood. I hope you have a great birthday, love.


  1. Uncle Andy says:

    Happy Birthday Zakk…I say that earnestly as June 11 has been birthday for many interesting people, some famous and some infamous.

    They include; Jacques Cousteau, Vince Lombardi, Peter Dinklage, Gene Wilder, Joe Montana, Jeannette Rankin, Hugh Laurie, Shia LaBeouf, Henry Hill, Charlie Rangel, Richard Loeb, and…Andy Hall (I turned 59 yrs. old today).

    Yes, my young father-to-be, you share this unique date with explorers, athletic legends, actors, dwarfs, crime bosses, politicians, serial killers…and of course with me.

    So, you’ve got that going for ya…which is nice! Now turn that scowl into a smile…kiss the belly holding your baby, and enjoy the day!

  2. Dennis Koltz says:

    happy birthday zakk. i’m looking forward to the big day!!!!

  3. Mom says:

    Hope your Birthday was a Happy as you deserve. Enjoy this last one as a couple the next one will come around when you are a family!

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