The Pumpkin Patch Redux

We went back! Auntie Em was so sad she couldn’t go with us the first time that I offered to go back with her and Colette this past Sunday. We had a great time again and were able to do a couple things we skipped the first time around.

Like the cow train!

Auntie Em rode with Rocket and they had a blast bumping through the fields in a barrel painted like a cow.

And we climbed to the top of the hay pyramid.


And we visited with the animals in the barn, and played with the pumpkins and the dirt in the fields, and went on the hay ride again.




I love autumn and Halloween and am so glad I got to enjoy the pumpkin patch twice this year. And who knows…maybe we’ll even make it back a third time!


  1. Uncle Andy says:

    Now that’s a GOOD TIME!
    Nutin like a good ole’ punkin patch and hay stack to welcome in the fall.
    BTW, Rocket looks like she really enjoys that place.

  2. Barbara says:

    Kristin thank you so much for sharing with me. I think your life is beautiful and I am very happy for you guys!

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